Naaman: The Officer Whose Leprosy Was Cleansed

By Charles R. Swindoll


2 Kings 5:1–14

Old Testament stories often revolve around its heroes of faith—the ones who walked with God and trusted Him to get them through a challenging situation. In the story we are about to uncover from 2 Kings 5, that is not the case. The prominent person in this particular story is neither a preacher nor a prophet, but an officer in the Syrian army. Though not strong in faith, the man is nevertheless greatly respected as a leader of troops and as a military warrior. One day all that was put on hold. None of his trophies or heroic war stories seemed important anymore. He was unclean . . . he had become a leper. This is a story about how a man who was once proud and self-sufficient finally humbled himself before the only One who could cleanse his leprosy . . . and did.

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