Listener Favorites, Volume 4: Our Best for His Highest

By Charles R. Swindoll

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Some messages settle into our souls like a salve, providing healing where our deepest hurts and fears reside. Others remind us, through the fiercest storms, that we can be secured by a hope that won’t disappoint.

Let Listener Favorites, Volume 4: Our Best for His Highest help soothe your soul and tether your heart to God’s grace. Featuring some of Chuck Swindoll’s most-requested teaching on some of the toughest issues, this six-message series covers challenges like dealing with unrepentant people and enduring suffering, sickness, and sin.

When you’re tempted to worry or despair, Listener Favorites, Volume 4 will encourage you to cling to God’s grace . . . a hope that never disappoints.

CD or MP3 Set of 6 messages

Product Code: LFV4DST/LFV4MST

Messages in this series:

  1. Stop Worrying and Start Trusting (1:08:21)
  2. Stop Shaming and Start Honoring (1:00:19)
  3. When Troubles Won’t Go Away (49:54)
  4. Suffering, Sickness, Sin—and Healing (48:21)
  5. What If You Were to Die Tonight? (1:01:38)
  6. What If a Person Is an Unrepentant Troublemaker? (1:03:18)
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