Stop Blaming and Start Forgiving

By Charles R. Swindoll


Matthew 5:23–24; 18:21–35

Blaming others is the longest-standing and the most common reaction to our own wrongdoing. It's our favorite game to play—in fact, it's a habit that humans have cultivated since life began. It was the reaction of the first man and woman when faced with their own failure in the garden of Eden. Immediately, both played the blame game!

The alternative is an honest, up-front confession, which is neither complicated nor difficult . . . unless, of course, we allow pride to get in the way. When that happens, we resist confessing with everything in us. Having formed the habit of blaming others regarding our own sinfulness, we naturally turn to it when others do wrong. We are quick to point the finger of blame rather than respond with genuine forgiveness. Not only are we to forgive ourselves, our unwillingness to forgive others follows close behind. It's time to stop that timeworn cycle.

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