Reframing Life: Focusing on God When Life Gets Sideways -by Colleen Swindoll Thompson

Softcover Book


When we're staring squarely at the pain, loss, trauma, and sickness that inevitably touch our lives, it's not a pretty picture. Do you need practical advice to help you process difficult situations? Is it challenging to view life's awful circumstances in light of God's sovereignty?

In Reframing Life: Focusing on God When Life Gets Sideways, Colleen Swindoll Thompson writes like a faithful friend you can depend on during life's trials. Colleen is no stranger to loss, and with perception and honesty, she encourages you with a mix of theology, humor, and practicality. Reframing Life will encourage you to refocus the way you see life's ever-changing circumstances in light of our unchanging God.

136-page softcover book

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