What Every Believer Must Never Forget! "God and God Alone . . ."

By Charles R. Swindoll

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Isaiah 6:1–9a

When we ponder the grandeur of the night sky, punctuated by billions of sparkling lights, we see God's awesome power in creation. When we reflect on the joys and sorrows in our own lives, we see God's absolute control. And when we perceive sin in our hearts, we see our God, full of love, constantly extending grace and calling us to serve Him.

Truly, God alone is awesome ! But when we take our eyes off Him and focus on the shifting sands around us, we tend to lose our footing.

In this important message, What Every Believer Must Never Forget! “God and God Alone . . .”  Chuck Swindoll unpacks four truths about God that believers must remember and apply each day. We must learn to fix our eyes on God alone, which will transform our entire perspective.

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