Parents in Pain: Overcoming the Hurt & Frustration of Problem Children –by John White

Softcover Book

When your kids are in trouble, you're in trouble.

A police car rolls up in front of your house—with your son in it.

A voice on the phone says your daughter is all right but won't tell you where she is—and then hangs up.

A wallet disappears from your dresser and you're sure who took it—at least somewhat sure.

How do we deal with the guilt, frustration, anger, and inadequacy that inevitably grip us when our children are in trouble?

John White offers comfort to parents of children with severe problems—alcoholism, homosexuality, even suicide. With practical suggestions, he helps parents deal with their feelings and decide what to do in tough situations.

A book of comfort and counsel to parents in pain.

John White, former professor of psychiatry at the University of Manitoba, is a writer and speaker with a worldwide ministry. His many books include Eros Defiled, The Masks of Melancholy, Healing the Wounded, and The Fight.

255-page softcover book

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