The Light of Home: Ten Inspiring Pictures of a Strong Family –by Dr. John Trent (paintings by Thomas Kinkade)

Hardcover Book

“Strong families are the heart of a strong nation. And no one knows this better than John Trent. It is the light of love that enlivens these practical lessons for building a strong family. If each family can kindle this light anew, our entire nation, and perhaps the entire world, may someday be warmed by its glow.”
—Thomas Kinkade

A timeless, much-needed model of love, commitment, faith, and forgiveness shines forth from The Light of Home. Noted family expert Dr. John Trent teams with beloved American artist Thomas Kinkade to offer ten timeless principles to encourage families to reflect the light found in this message of hope and the accompanying radiant paintings of home and countryside.

122-page hardcover book

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