Insight's Scripture Memory Program: Box

Scripture Memory Card Box

The box. What a great invention.

We use boxes to ship, store, and sort important items. They can be as common as cardboard and as elegant as a cedar chest. But whether made out of pressed paper or finely grained wood, boxes are indispensable. In days of old, God instructed Moses to construct a box to house certain sacred objects. For us today there is nothing more sacred than the Word of God. Believing that hiding the Scriptures in our hearts is important, Insight for Living is providing a handy box, specifically designed to hold our 3-inch x 5-inch Insight’s Scripture Memory Program cards.* Enclosed tabs will help you sort and label your verses for easy retrieval and review. Once you use it, we trust you’ll agree—this box is indispensable.

* Scripture for Practical Christian Living: 40 Verses for Spiritual Growth set and Scripture for Skillful Living: 40 Verses from Proverbs set sold separately.

Product Code: SMPBOX