Essential Truths: A Pocket Guide for Growing Deep, card set

By Insight for Living

Card Set


If you could ask Chuck one question, what would it be? Would you ask, “Is Jesus the only way to God?” Or . . . “Is it really necessary for me to attend church?” What about, “How do I tell the difference between the prompting of the Holy Spirit and my own thoughts or desires?”

Chuck answers these questions and more in ten pocket-sized cards that offer both timeless tools and timeless truths from the Bible. Now armed with this special set of Essential Truths: A Pocket Guide for Growing Deep cards, you’ll have an easy reference at your fingertips as you re-examine foundational essentials that will equip you to stand firm amidst the strong and subtle currents of our day. It’s a condensed version of practical, theologically sound beliefs . . . all in a pocket-sized packet!

Set of 10 pocket-sized cards

Product Code: ETRST