The Sanctity of Life Bible Companion

By Insight for Living

Bible Companion
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Life is precious because it is sacred. God designed it so.

In fact, God intended us to live life to the fullest (John 10:10). But ask anyone who has had an abortion or whose family has been devastated by adultery, and she or he will tell you how empty life can feel.

But God offers hope. The Sanctity of Life . . . The Inescapable Issue Bible Companion will help you think biblically about God’s precious gift of life and show you how you can stand strong. With thoughtful care to the application of biblical principles, this book will help you find forgiveness and healing. It will help you rediscover the abundance God wants for you.

82-page Bible Companion (4 chapters) available in softcover or downloadable PDF format

Product Code: SALBC/SALPDF

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