Hand Me Another Brick Bible Companion

By Insight for Living

Bible Companion

Our society desperately needs wise, godly leadership. The good news? It's possible. The Hand Me Another Brick: Timeless Lessons on Leadership Bible Companion will take you into the book of Nehemiah, where the walls of Jerusalem have crumbled, its glory has faded, and its people have lost heart. This is a story of a people who found godly leadership in the person of Nehemiah.

This Insight for Living Ministries Bible Companion will lead you through God's principles of leadership found in Nehemiah. You will learn to motivate . . . overcome discouragement . . . face opposition . . . and apply wisdom and insight in your realms of life and leadership. Allow this timeless teaching to help you rise to the challenge of becoming a dynamic, godly leader.

210-page softcover Bible Companion (16 chapters)

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