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Excellence in Ministry: Finishing Well—Doing What's Best in the Challenges of Ministry—A Study of 1 Timothy 4–6 Bible Companion

By Insight for Living Ministries

Bible Companion
Downloadable Bible Companion (PDF)


A Study of 1 Timothy 4–6

Let's face it: ministry is hard—and not for the thin-skinned or fainthearted. It seems to call for the longevity of Methuselah, the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, the tenacity of Paul, and the compassion of Jesus.

Easy, right?

Perhaps, if our churches weren't populated and pastored by imperfect people. But they are. Thankfully, we have Paul's first letter to Timothy to help us navigate the difficulties of ministry. Excellence in Ministry: Finishing Well—Doing What's Best in the Challenges of Ministry Bible Companion is just the thing to toughen our hides and soften our hearts. This volume provides answers and instructions on confronting false teaching, maintaining a godly lifestyle, meeting the needs of people, and disciplining and encouraging leaders.

Excellence in Ministry: Finishing Well will help transform your ministry from ho-hum to hallelujah!

156-page Bible Companion (10 chapters) available in softcover or downloadable PDF format

Product Code: EMN2BC/EMN2PDF

Excellence in Ministry, 1 Timothy