Living Right in a Wrong World (1 John)

By Charles R. Swindoll

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The Epistle of 1 John

We live in an upside-down world, where wrong is right and right is wrong.

How are we to live in such a world? Surprisingly enough, a first-century letter written on the tiny Aegean island of Patmos provides the answer. Join Chuck Swindoll as he explores the profound truths found in the epistle of 1 John. Chuck will provide practical insights into this little letter of significance, teaching you how to live right in a wrong world.

CD or MP3 Series of 16 messages


Messages in this series:

  1. Living Right in a Wrong World
  2. A Profound Preface
  3. God’s Light and Our Blight
  4. Family Rules for “Little Children”
  5. The Believer’s Badge
  6. Strong Talk on the Cosmos
  7. The Disturbing Realities of Our Times
  8. Dealing with Deceivers
  9. Our Lord’s Return: What Then?
  10. That Nasty Three-Letter Word
  11. Love and Hate: Where Are You?
  12. You and Your Conscience
  13. Distinguishing Truth from Error
  14. The Supreme Significance of Love
  15. Believers, Overcomers, Witnesses
  16. Absolute Assurance
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