Insights on 1 Peter: Hope Again

By Charles R. Swindoll

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“I shouldn’t be struggling like I am . . . suffering is wrong.” Oh, really?

Chuck Swindoll’s practical lessons from the book of 1 Peter reveal that suffering shouldn’t take a Christian by surprise. Chuck’s classic series redirects our minds away from popular, positive thinking and realigns our hopes to those of one who suffered and yet entrusted Himself to God: Jesus Christ.

CD or MP3 Series of 17 messages. CD version comes with a 208-page workbook

**The Insights on 1 Peter: Hope Again series is a re-release of the older Hope Again series, with minor edits made to some of the messages..**


Messages in this series:

  1. Hope Beyond Failure: The Broken Man Behind the Book
  2. Hope Beyond Suffering: How We Can Smile Through Suffering
  3. Hope Beyond Temptation: Staying Clean in a Corrupt Society
  4. Hope Beyond Division: Reasons for Pulling Together
  5. Hope Beyond Guilt: Becoming Living Stones
  6. Hope Beyond Unfairness: Pressing On Even Though Ripped Off
  7. Hope Beyond 'I Do': The Give-and-Take of Domestic Harmony
  8. Hope Beyond Immaturity: Maturity Checkpoints
  9. Hope Beyond Bitterness: When Life 'Just Ain’t Fair'
  10. Hope Beyond the Creeds: Focusing Fully on Jesus Christ
  11. Hope Beyond the Culture: How to Shock the Pagan Crowd
  12. Hope Beyond Extremism: Marching Orders for Soldiers of the Cross
  13. Hope Beyond Our Trials: 'When Through Fiery Trials . . .'
  14. Hope Beyond Religion: A Job Description for Shepherds
  15. Hope Beyond Dissatisfaction: A Formula That Brings Relief
  16. Hope Beyond the Battle: Standing Nose-to-Nose with the Adversary
  17. Hope Beyond Misery: Lasting Lessons

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