God's Masterwork, Volume Seven: The Final Word—A Survey of Hebrews–Revelation - A Classic Series

By Charles R. Swindoll

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Spiritual Riches in Surprising Places

When was the last time you read any of the General Epistles? Hebrews, with its references to Old Testament sacrifices and Jewish feasts, might seem outdated. Jude’s record of a cosmic battle over the body of Moses might fit best in a sci-fi movie. And Revelation, with its strange apocalyptic imagery, might stir contention and confusion within the church.

But did you know that these ancient letters contain many spiritual riches? In God’s Masterwork, Volume Seven: The Final Word—A Survey of Hebrews–Revelation, you will discover:

  • How Jesus Christ fulfilled the Mosaic Law
  • Why true faith must produce fruit
  • How you can find hope in the midst of trials

The God’s Masterwork, Volume Seven CD series will help you dig into these nine treasures from the first century! You’ll gain theological depth and grow in your practical devotion to Christ.

CD or MP3 Series of 9 messages

Product Code: GM7DNG/GM7MNG

Messages in this series:

  1. Hebrews: Jesus Christ, Our Superior Savior
  2. James: A Plea for Authenticity
  3. 1 Peter: Hope for the Hurting
  4. 2 Peter: Beware . . . Be Ready!
  5. 1 John: God’s Life on Display
  6. 2 John: A Letter to a Lady
  7. 3 John: Three Men in a Church
  8. Jude: Manual for Survival
  9. Revelation: God’s Final Words

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