Changing Wanderers into Worshipers: From the Exodus to the Promised Land

By Charles R. Swindoll

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Do you ever feel like you’re wandering through life without a strong sense of purpose or a clear sense of direction? While we all experience such seasons, they don’t have to be all we experience.

God enjoys turning wandering people into worshipers, transforming drifters into pilgrims who receive His words, follow His ways, believe His promises, and enjoy His presence. That’s exactly the work He began through Moses who led the people out of Egypt to Sinai and eventually into the promised land.

Join Chuck Swindoll on this adventure with Moses, Joshua, Caleb, and the rest of the Israelites so we can learn with them what it means to worship the one, true God and to follow His leading in our day.

CD or MP3 Series of 16 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. A New Beginning—Worth Waiting For (1:00:35)
  2. Unusual Leading, Remarkable Results (1:00:24)
  3. From Eagles’ Wings to Hornets’ Stings (52:37)
  4. Generosity: Willing Hearts, Stirred Within (1:05:02)
  5. Investing in Things Eternal . . . Being Blessed (52:21)
  6. Priority One: Taking God Very Seriously (1:04:40)
  7. It’s Time to Celebrate—Not Complain (58:14)
  8. How to Fail—in Four Simple Lessons (1:05:56)
  9. When a Leader Fails (1:07:19)
  10. Same Song, Eleventh Verse . . . Hope Beyond Snakebite (1:03:54)
  11. Almost Home (55:44)
  12. How to Kick-Start a Whole New Beginning (1:03:47)
  13. Watching Those Walls Tumble Down (56:38)
  14. Defeat on the Heels of Victory (1:06:38)
  15. The Secret: An Attitude of Fortitude
  16. Grace and Truth Worth Remembering
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