Contagious Christianity: A Study of 1 Thessalonians

By Charles R. Swindoll

CD Series including study guide
CD Series

If Christianity were a disease would others become infected with it by being around you or your church?

Many Christians and the churches they attend only carry around a mild strain of Christianity—just enough to inoculate the culture around them, but not enough to pass on the disease. The truth is that Christianity is the only disease that will keep people from spiritual death.

CD Series of 12 CDs with 128-page study guide

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Messages in this series:

  1. A Church with the Right Stuff
  2. A Leadership Style That Works . . . Guaranteed!
  3. The Flip Side of Leadership
  4. When Your Comfort Zone Gets the Squeeze
  5. What Does It Mean to “Really Live”?
  6. Straight Talk about Moral Purity
  7. Behaving Properly toward Outsiders
  8. On That Great Gettin’-Up Morning
  9. “. . . Like a Thief in the Night”
  10. Gifts to Give the Family
  11. Germs That Make Us Contagious
  12. What a Way to Say Good-bye!
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