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By Charles R. Swindoll

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What does it mean to be “the friend of God”?

Though he lived in a world at enmity with God, Abraham modeled an enviable walk of faith. When told to go, he went. When promised, he believed. When commanded, he obeyed—even when it cut cross-grained against his culture . . . and often when it seemed to make no sense at all. Abraham wasn't “the friend of God” (James 2:23) because of his intellect, his pedigree, or his fortune. Abraham was God's friend because of his faith.

Follow the great Patriarch on his epic adventure in the Abraham: One Nomad's Amazing Journey of Faith CD series, and be challenged to answer life-changing questions for yourself:

  • Is God calling me to do something radical?
  • Which of God's promises apply to me?
  • How can I lead my family in this godless world?

As you witness a weak and imperfect man's transformation into a hero of the faith, you'll be warned by his failures and inspired by his trust . . . and you'll learn what it really means to be a “friend of God.”

CD series of 22 messages plus a bonus audio message (Bonus material includes a conversation between Chuck Swindoll and Ravi Zacharias, where they discuss Abraham’s faith, foibles, and legacy, as well as his prominence as the “father” of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.)

Messages in this series:

  1. A Patriarch in Panorama (59:59)
  2. Going . . . Not Knowing (55:25)
  3. Never-to-Be-Forgotten Promises (51:40)
  4. When the Faithful Fail (53:16)
  5. A Decision That Led to a Disaster (1:01:02)
  6. Abram, the Greathearted (53:27)
  7. Can We Talk? (58:00)
  8. Running ahead of God (54:31)
  9. Deepening Our Roots with God (56:51)
  10. One of Those Upper-Downer Days (55:50)
  11. What Happens When We Pray? (1:04:12)
  12. When the Cesspool Overflows (59:52)
  13. A Wail of Two Cities
  14. Overcoming Depravity's Dangerous Undertow
  15. Disobedience Déjà Vu
  16. It’s a Boy!
  17. Forgiven Sin . . . Lingering Consequences
  18. When God Says, “Let Go!”
  19. The Pleasures of Passing God's Exams
  20. On Finding Your Lifelong Companion
  21. What a Way to Go!
  22. Portrait of a Hero . . . Warts and Everything
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