The Church Awakening/Worship: A Commitment . . . Not a War, Part One - CD

Worship: A Commitment . . . Not a War, Part One - CD

John 4:16–23; Acts 2:41–43

Each of us lives under a tyrannical master, though we hardly know it. Daily, we’re subjected to the tyranny of the urgent. It demands our time and attention; it forces us to put off the truly important for another day. Only on occasion do we force ourselves to slow down and think of the toll it is taking on us, of how we have allowed circumstances and others too much control over our lives. The winds of other people’s expectations and demands can drive us onto a reef of frustration, leaving us feeling shallow and desolate. We need to stop and reconsider what’s important—as individuals and as churches. When we do, we’ll quickly discover that we’re missing the one, essential ingredient that we were made for: worship.

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Worship: A Commitment . . . Not a War, Part One