Summer Reading Sale/Delivering Your Future: A Call to Abundant Life in College - softcover

Delivering Your Future: A Call to Abundant Life in College - softcover

David Morgan

Young adults today feel enormous pressure to get the right grades, participate in the right extracurriculars and gain the right leadership experiences. Simultaneously, they're also pushing for greater independence from their parents and asking bigger questions of the church. College promises answers and fulfillment, but social interactions on campus rarely deliver anything except deeper disillusionment. But by the time young adults wake up to this reality, they find their support system - family, faith, and friends - has long since been left behind.

Young adults are struggling to find purpose. On the surface things look great, but internally they're asking, 'Is this all there is?' Suicide rates among adolescents have been steadily climbing since 2007; the Pew Research Center continues to show kids who grew up in Christian homes are walking away from their faith. Delivering Your Future addresses the question of why young adults are finding despair, not hope, in college then provides a plan to fight this epidemic.

Author, David Morgan, draws on his wealth of experience in education, ministry and business to speak wisdom into the lives of a new generation of Christian leaders; at the same time, his own battle with depression during college makes his words relevant to students today.

Who am I and what's my purpose? Is this all there is? Can I pull my life together so I can be meaningful and productive? In Delivering Your Future, young adults can find a safe space to ask these and other difficult questions. Addressing these problems before they reach college can help create honest dialogue with youth pastors, parents and mentors. Delivering Your Future provides practical and honest strategies for identifying and overcoming the pitfalls of college.

Page Count: 242
Published: September 1, 2020
Binding: Paperback
Dimensions: 6 x 9 in.

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