Strike the Original Match/In Defense of Monogamy - CD

In Defense of Monogamy - CD

Genesis 1:26–28; 2:24–25; Matthew 19:3–6

The air today is filled with the shrill cry of “my rights.” In the center ring of this loud arena is the home—more specifically, the marriage bond. Mate-swapping, group marriages, and living together without official marriage commitments are realities no longer carried out under the hush-hush blanket of shame and disgrace. Some couples are even accepting practices that just a couple of decades ago were taboo, introducing infidelity and pornography into the marriage bed. In all these alternative lifestyles, the Bible is either ignored altogether or rationalized to extremes. Is monogamy an outdated concept? In this message, we look at what the Bible says about the value of a one-spouse-only relationship so that we might uphold and defend God’s design.

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In Defense of Monogamy