Sin/Dying to Live - CD

Dying to Live - CD

Romans 6:1–14

In the first five chapters of Romans, Paul laid the groundwork for the rest of his letter. He established six all-important facts:

  • All humanity is depraved—we've “fallen short” of God's holiness.
  • All humanity is under the penalty of sin—separated from God.
  • Instead of abandoning us, God provided a rescue for us.
  • God's “rescue operation” was accomplished at the cross of Christ.
  • When we believe in Jesus' death and resurrection, He “justifies” us.
  • As a result, we are no longer under sin's penalty or domination.

The next big issue is this: How can salvation from the power of sin become a reality? Being “saved by grace apart from works” is one thing, but being able to walk by grace . . . that's quite another. How can we now live victoriously? What must take place in order for us to live free from sin's control?

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Dying to Live