The Church Where Tolerance Went to Seed - CD

Revelation 2:18–29

We are getting rather well acquainted with some century-one churches mentioned in the book of Revelation. Orthodox and discerning, but lacking in love—that was Ephesus. Faithful and enduring, yet poverty-stricken and persecuted—that was Smyrna. Beautiful, famous, and persistent before the eyes of the public, but behind the scenes, guilty of compromise—that was Pergamum. The church we examine here, Thyatira, is even more unusual. It was somewhat obscure and insignificant, while also loving and active and determined; however, the people tolerated a Jezebel in their midst. As we shall see, Christ's stinging rebuke left little doubt where He stood regarding her. And them. And us.

Individual message on CD (1:06:22)

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