Questions Christians Ask/What Is My Response to God’s Blessings? - CD

What Is My Response to God’s Blessings? - CD

Matthew 25:14–30

Jesus’s favorite method of communication was storytelling. And He was a master at it! His stories aren’t fairytales or pointless pieces of ear-tickling fiction. They are stories that carry strong and penetrating messages. To this day, some of the deepest theological truths ever taught are wrapped within the plot of a parable once told by Christ. The parable we are considering today appears on the surface to be to be about a man and his slaves, but in actuality it symbolizes the Savior and His followers. Read it closely. Think it through. See if you don’t agree that it has a great deal to say about how we are to respond to the blessings of God.

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What Is My Response to God’s Blessings?