Questions Christians Ask/Is My Neighbor Really Lost? - CD

Is My Neighbor Really Lost? - CD

Luke 10:25–37

Isn’t it amazing? We get so busy with our Christian activities, traveling to and from church, engaged in things that will ultimately gain eternal rewards, that we walk by, drive by, live beside and if we’re honest, virtually ignore those around us. It’s hypocritical for Christians to say that we want to reach the world for Christ if we won’t even walk across the street and befriend our neighbors. If we say we want the lost in the remotest parts of the world to know Jesus, but we don’t share His story with those around us, we lie.

Let’s all begin playing our part by finding out what our neighbors need and meeting those needs—especially their need for Christ. Let’s start living as good neighbors to the people God has placed in our paths. To help us begin doing that, let’s eavesdrop on a conversation held in the street back in the first century between a lawyer and the Lord.

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Is My Neighbor Really Lost?