Questions Christians Ask/Can 'Ordinary People' Make a Contribution? - CD

Can 'Ordinary People' Make a Contribution? - CD

Acts 8–9

Evangelism and discipleship were never designed to be ministries limited to “the pros.” One of the archenemies of evangelism is false propaganda—wrong ideas that get embedded in the Christian’s mind before the truth can find lodging.

The propaganda sounds something like this: “Christian service is for superstars—spiritual giants like the apostle Paul, Hudson Taylor, and Jim Elliott. It’s not for ordinary people like me.” It’s almost as if a sinister force creeps into every church nursery and whispers, “Psst, hey kid, wake up! Being a missionary is for superstars and pros and you don’t qualify. Now go back to sleep.” So, many of us grow up believing that serving God is for somebody else. Let’s take some time to examine the truth.

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Can 'Ordinary People' Make a Contribution?