Mini-series/Failing to Connect the Dots - CD

Failing to Connect the Dots - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Mark 6:45–52

Throughout His earthly ministry, Jesus remained fully focused on mentoring His disciples. After all, He would ultimately leave everything in their care. Each passing moment brought them closer to the day when He would leave this planet and return to the Father. At that point, they would be His representatives; they would proclaim His message and model His life. In light of that goal, each experience, every trial, and all events were designed to assist in their spiritual growth. Unfortunately, it didn’t always “click.” There were occasions when the disciples simply didn’t “get it.” While they saw what Jesus did and heard the things He said—and occasionally even participated in significant miracles—they did not always “connect the dots.” It wasn’t that their eyesight or their hearing was faulty, but, like us occasionally, they had heart problems.

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Failing to Connect the Dots