James/Doing Right When You've Been Done Wrong - CD

Doing Right When You've Been Done Wrong - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

James 5:7–12

We have all experienced the hurt of mistreatment and misunderstanding. Such hurts come in a variety of packages: an intolerable working situation, domestic conflicts, a parent, child, or relative who takes advantage of us, a friend who turns against us, a neighbor who entertains untrue opinions of us, and dozens of other painful circumstances. Our natural tendency is to retaliate by returning evil for evil—to “get back”—to hold a grudge and become bitter in our souls.

God has a better idea! James revealed this alternative in the passage we're considering within this message. James not only told us what to do in place of retaliation; he told us how to do it.

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Doing Right When You've Been Done Wrong