The Grace Awakening

Charles R. Swindoll


Wake Up to the Wonders of God’s Grace!

Preachers preach it. Theologians analyze it. Then we forget about it. But Chuck Swindoll’s best-selling classic, The Grace Awakening, can awaken you to the untapped wonders of grace . . . as it has for hundreds of thousands of readers. Allow these wonders to make a difference in the way you live and love and to turn ho-hum religion into an intimate relationship with a loving God!

This Insight for Living exclusive edition of The Grace Awakening features:

  • -A new and updated look
  • -A 30-day devotional to help you experience the freedom offered by God’s grace
  • -Chuck Swindoll’s practical guidance as you apply God’s inexhaustible grace in your life

415-page hardcover book

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The Grace Awakening