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Moving Ahead Together with a Winning Mind-set, CD Series

Charles R. Swindoll

A Study of Joshua

In Joshua, we see a man who is thrust into the role of leader over Israel. He must not only take charge of conquering the promised land, but he must do so without his longtime mentor, Moses.

This new sermon series by Pastor Chuck Swindoll gleans biblical insight from Joshua’s example of how to lead through loss and change and how to overcome impossible obstacles in God’s power. Hear Pastor Chuck’s challenge to keep the Lord preeminent in your life and be bold as you move ahead in God’s plan for you.

CD Series of 9 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. Setting the Leader on Fire
  2. Confident Leadership . . . Ideal Response
  3. Are Spies and Lies Okay in God’s Eyes?
  4. Impossible Walls Still Tumble Down
  5. Postmortem of a Deceiver
  6. What to Do after You’ve Blown It
  7. Age: Your Ticket to Adventure
  8. Needed: A Safe Place to Heal
  9. A Choice You’ll Never Regret
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Moving Ahead Together with a Winning Mind-set