Esther/An Evil Interlude - CD

An Evil Interlude - CD

Charles R. Swindoll

Esther 2:21–3:15

Do you feel the truth of Job’s statement that we are “born for trouble” as life is “full of turmoil” (Job 5:7; 14:1)? This message might just be the one for you.

Not long after the royal crown rested on Esther’s head, evil creeped into her story. First, Bigthan and Teresh plotted against the king until Mordecai squashed their plans. But peace didn’t last long. Haman became second-in-command and, with the king’s signet ring, initiated a pogrom against the Jews throughout Persia.

From this passage, Chuck Swindoll teaches what we can learn from the pervasive presence of evil and how God gives us the strength we need to live through it.

Individual message on CD or MP3 (53:53)

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An Evil Interlude