Encouragement and Healing/Abortion . . . after the Fact - CD

Abortion . . . after the Fact - CD

Issues are being addressed openly today that were once only whispered behind closed doors. Among them, abortion ranks near the top. Numerous individuals declare the necessity of preserving human life in the womb. Many are building bold and eloquent cases for protecting the unborn, denouncing the tragedy of abortion-on-demand, and declaring their convictions before the media as well as on the streets and in other public places. What is often overlooked, however, is the individual who has already had an abortion. Preventive counsel is readily available . . . but corrective assistance and compassionate care are frequently conspicuous by their absence. What do we say to the woman who has already gotten an abortion? How can we help the person who advised a friend or relative to abort her child? This is the flip side of a crucial issue and cannot be ignored.

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Abortion . . . after the Fact