Names of Jesus


There's just something about the name—Jesus. The Name exalted above every other. The Word. The long-awaited King, spotless Lamb, and great I Am. Christ, Cornerstone, Shepherd, Servant . . . one title cannot begin to contain the vastness of the all-surpassing glory of Jesus.

If you've been looking for a concise resource that explains the significance of some of the Bible's most prominent names of Jesus, complete with real-world application, Names of Jesus will appeal to you.

Names of Jesus will empower you to:

  • Discover the historical context of and prophecies fulfilled by the names of Jesus
  • Answer confidently when asked about Jesus
  • Be inspired to worship Jesus as you gain a richer understanding of who He is

There's only one Name under heaven with the power to save, and that name is Jesus. Get to know the Name.

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