Anger/A Love That Never Fails –by H. Dale Burke

A Love That Never Fails –by H. Dale Burke

H. Dale Burke

Love was the testimony of the early church. And the same trademark is to be ours today. But let's face it—loving people doesn't always come easily. Over and over again, we learn that love is a choice—a choice based on Jesus's commands and example.

If you want practical help or simply the reassurance that you're loving people the way Jesus intended, then A Love That Never Fails is just the encouragement you need. Pastor Dale Burke delivers helpful suggestions from 1 Corinthians 13 and offers fresh ways to:

  • Express love in your speech
  • Demonstrate love in your giving
  • Be patient and kind in your interactions
  • Forgive and forget a wrong suffered
  • Believe, bear, hope, and endure all things

. . . through God's love.

The world is longing for an example of true love. Let this book help you apply God's loving trademark to all of your relationships.

208-page softcover book

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