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Insight for Living Ministries Ceramic Coffee Mug and Book Shoppe Guatemala Light Roast

Coffee Mug and One Pound Bag of Coffee

We all enjoy the curve of our favorite mug and perking up with a swallow of steaming java. With our coffee-and-coffee-mug combo, we can offer you both!

Our premier coffee—Book Shoppe Guatemala Light Roast—is a custom blend of the finest beans grown in the volcanic, mineral-rich Antiguan soil and then roasted for a lively and full-bodied flavor.

The Insight for Living Ministries coffee mug is crafted for comfort, with an oversized handle and curved lip to savor every sip. Plus, it's dishwasher and microwave safe.

The best part? When you purchase Book Shoppe beans, you're investing in Insight for Living Ministries—at home and abroad. Coffee is our unique way to communicate our enthusiasm for Vision 195—our plan to reach all 195 countries of the world for Jesus. One dollar for every bag purchased will be specifically designated to our International Ministry of the Month—every month.

We're delighted to serve you a savory reminder to taste and see God's goodness, one cup at a time.

Product Code: BBGTRCST

Note: Coffee can be shipped to USA addresses only