Following Christ . . . The Man of God: A Study of John 6–14

By Charles R. Swindoll

CD Series including study guide
CD Series

Stilettos . . . high heels . . . platform shoes. Were all shoes made for walking?

This captivating series by Chuck Swindoll invites you to walk by Jesus’s side and follow Him as He models love, grace, and humility. It’s impossible to closely follow Christ and remain unchanged—so get your walking shoes on!

CD Series of 14 CDs with 128-page study guide

Product Code: FMGDS/FMGDNG

Messages in this series:

  1. God’s Specialty: Impossibilities
  2. Bread Delivered from Heaven
  3. Jesus in the Lions’ Den
  4. Letters in the Sand
  5. Reasons for Rejection
  6. Blind Men’s Bluff
  7. The Living Door
  8. Back from Beyond
  9. Seeking before Hiding
  10. Humility Personified
  11. How High Is Your A.Q.?
  12. Agape . . . Authentic Love
  13. Tranquil Words for Troubled Hearts
  14. Overcoming Fear