Current Series - Beholding Christ . . . The Son of God: A Study of John 1–5—A Signature Series

By Charles R. Swindoll

CD Series

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Wouldn't it be fascinating to meet someone who actually walked and talked with Jesus? John the apostle knew Jesus firsthand, and in his gospel he opens our hearts to the Master he loved and followed.

This first part of a three-part series reveals Jesus as the Son of God who existed before time began. As Jesus launched His public ministry and interacted with people, we can see ourselves in each person Jesus met—the religious seeker Nicodemus, the shunned woman at the well, the lame man waiting his entire life for a healing touch from God. And with each word Jesus spoke, we can feel His compassion and power.

As you read John's gospel, you're right there with the Master. That's why even a most hardened skeptic can find John's account of Jesus' invitation to believe in Him impossible to resist.

CD series of 12 messages

Messages in this series:

  1. “That You May Believe” (1:00:36)
  2. Prelude to Deity (56:38)
  3. A Man Sent from God (52:07)
  4. Five Who Followed in Faith (58:15)
  5. Wine . . . Coins . . . and Signs (57:24)
  6. Brainstorming the New Birth (59:02)
  7. The Preacher Who Lost His Congregation (52:05)
  8. Water for a Thirsty Woman (57:03)
  9. Healing at a Distance (57:33)
  10. An Exposé of Legalism
  11. The Claims of the Christ
  12. Witnesses for the Defense
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