Beholding Christ . . . The Son of God: A Study of John 1–5

By Charles R. Swindoll

CD Series

Dear God,

What do you look like?


The words behold your God could be painted across the landscape of John’s gospel, especially the first five chapters. As you listen to Chuck Swindoll’s series and study the Scriptures, let the breathtaking events of Jesus’s life move your heart with a child-like faith to behold Christ . . . the Son of God.

CD Series of 12 CDs

Product Code: BSGDNG

Messages in this series:

  1. “That You May Believe”
  2. Prelude to Deity
  3. A Man Sent from God
  4. Five Who Followed in Faith
  5. Wine . . . Coins . . . and Signs
  6. Brainstorming the New Birth
  7. The Preacher Who Lost His Congregation
  8. Water for a Thirsty Woman
  9. Healing at a Distance
  10. An Exposé of Legalism
  11. The Claims of the Christ
  12. Witnesses for the Defense
Beholding Christ The Son of God