Exalting Christ . . . The Lamb of God: A Study of John 15-21

By Charles R. Swindoll

CD Series including study guide
CD Series

It’s the greatest joke in history.

How daring of God to play a practical joke on philosophers who try to explain death, mystics who try spiritualize death, and atheists who try to avoid death, by raising Jesus above death! Jesus’s last days on earth were the most tragic in history, but His resurrection caused all of heaven to burst forth in laughter because life, not death, got the last laugh.

CD Series of 16 CDs with 152-page softcover study guide

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Messages in this series:

  1. Abiding
  2. Qualities of a Friend
  3. The Promise of Persecution
  4. Functions of the Holy Spirit
  5. Four Words That Keep Us Going
  6. Divine Intercession
  7. When Jesus Prayed for You
  8. Arrest and Trial
  9. Rush to Judgment
  10. A Crack in the Rock
  11. Death on a Cross
  12. A Miraculous Resurrection
  13. Reactions to the Resurrected Lord
  14. Coming to Terms with Your Calling
  15. “. . . And What about This Man?”
  16. Many Other Signs . . . Many Other Things